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                This Page contains WEBLOGIC/WEBSPHERE Tutorials
        WEBLOGIC/WEBSPHERE are servers used to run EJB applications
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	 Last updated this page on 20th August 2003


  Developing WebLogic Server J2EE Applications
  - This tutorial explains how to develop an application to make it run on Weblogic 7.0

  WebLogic Server Deployment
  - This tutorial explains deployment protocol, two-phase deployment in Weblogic 7.0

  WebLogic Server Application Packaging
  - This tutorial describe how to package WebLogic Server components. 
    You must package components before you deploy them to WebLogic Server.

 High Performance CMP
  - This pdf developed by Seth White  Senior Software Developer  BEA Systems, Inc.



Certification simulators (This simulator is good one)

JAVA Certification details
WEBSPHERE WebSphere Version 4.0 Application Development Handbook - Complete guide for WebSphere application development Installing and Configuring Multiple WebSphere 4.0 Domains on a Single Windows Server - This document describes how to install multiple IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0, both Advanced Edition (AE) and Advanced Single Server Edition (ASSE), domains on the same physical machine and allow them to run concurrently. Using WebSphere MQ in WebSphere Application Server Version 4.x - This article covers how to perform JMS message processing and database access as part of the same transaction. Developing and testing a complete J2EE "Hello World" app with WebSphere Studio V5 - Just updated for V5, this tutorial takes you through a full-scale J2EE application while maintaining a simple Hello World approach for each component. Covers new features like J2EE application clients, automatic data source creation, and configuring resource references.

Certification simulators (This simulator is good one)

JAVA Certification details
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