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Computer & Informaton Security

Now a days , we are facing problems with hacking , stealing passwords from PCs. In these situations , 
It is very essential to protect our software products from unauthorized acccess or steeling.

Confidentiality: Protecting information from unauthorised disclosure Integrity : Protecting information from unauthorised modifications, and ensure that information is accurate and complete Availability : Ensuring information is available when needed
In the future it will become very essential for every product to protect the information. Those products which protect information may lead market than the other Graphical User friendly Products. So We need learn atleast basics of Security which will become most important thing in software development. Some information provided here related Security 1. Technical Security Standard for Information Technology (TSSIT) A Canadian IT security guideline , which is similar to BS 7799 and available for free 2. Code Red Code Red, Cod Red II , Sir Cam ??? What are they , what is the effect of them on our systems. 3. Computer Attacks at department of Defense Pose Increasing Risks
Some good useful links by google
www.privacy.net -- It will analise your computer and tell which message have received by others www.anonymizer.com -- It protect your computer from virus, if you want to see new websites, see those site through this site. it will prevent those websites from taking information